Technology Recruitment Agency. Micro specialised consultants coupled with award-winning recruitment pipelining technology and niche candidate community building approach that supports clients finding hard to find talent - contractor and permanent." in Salient Group

For the past decade we’ve built a unique model to support tech organisations like Qualtrics, ExactTarget, Returnpath, Hubspot and Invision scale up successfully.

Discover how we make it happen.


We created a sales graduate program for tech companies that want to hire ADRs, SDRs and Inside Sales.


high potential sourcing

We headhunt potential graduates from university talent pools to identify high potential candidates.


right graduates

We select graduates with real aptitude for sales by testing candidates in real sales situational role plays.


foundation sales training

We put the graduates through business, sales and self awareness training over a one year period.

Contractor Pipelining Programs

Hire in-demand tech contractors within 72 hours by getting involved in our physical and virtual meet-up communities


We work with top organisations to help them get to the next level.

ExactTarget - The Martec
Qualtrics - The Martec
Hubspot - The Martec
Adroll - The Martec
OFX - The Martec
Canva - The Martec
Myob - The Martec
Holer - The Martec
Hudl - The Martec
Zuora - The Martec
Good Data - The Martec
Ticketek - The Martec
Oakton - The Martec
Amasym - The Martec
Deputy - The Martec
Wunderman - The Martec
Clemenger - The Martec
Netsuite - The Martec
Hotels Combined - The Martec
Site Improve - The Martec