About Us

About Us

We are a leading tech and sales recruitment agency for Tech-Centred companies across Australia, Singapore, Japan and SEA. From seed to scaling, we help companies recruit diverse and high quality teams in:

Go To Market

Founded in 2007 as APAC’s first SaaS recruitment agency, we have a rich history of helping growth oriented companies scale and thrive.

What Makes Us Different

At the heart of the answer is a simple concept (that’s complex to deliver): Talent Community.

Most recruitment and talent teams focus on ‘top of funnel’. We focus on ‘middle of funnel’. Our talent communities of over 10,000 across APJ have been grown to help candidates with their careers – not just finding a new job. We have in-house community managers dedicated to running program of monthly talent events (virtual and in person), content, networking opportunities, mentorship and professional development.

You can check out our past and upcoming events here:

Community & Events

Our APAC Women in Tech Sales Community is our largest example of these communities. After 10 years of talking to tech clients about how to battle gender imbalance in their teams, we set out to do something meaningful about the problem. You can check out the site here.

With ‘Talent Community First’ as one of our core company values, we’ve put this at the centre of everything we do. We work hard to be a brand and community loved by talent.

Past Events

Salient x Strivin Speed Mentoring
Salient x Strivin Speed Mentoring
9th November 2023
Salient x Adobe - The Path to Sales Leadership
Salient x Adobe - The Path to Sales Leadership
26th October 2023
Salient x Deel: Preparing for AI at Work
Salient x Deel: Preparing for AI at Work
14th September 2023

We’re Here to Help

Hiring for SaaS or tech talent? Our team is here to help! Our recruitment agency services Australia, Singapore, SEA, Japan and the US market so someone is always available in your time zone. We recruit for sales, marketing, customer success, presales, data and devops roles.


Drop us a note and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Email: info@salientgroup.com.au

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