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Adam O’Shea


With over 14 years in Sales and Tech recruitment, Adam has helped Start-Ups and MNC tech vendors grow their presence in the APJ market. Having started his own agency in 2019 before joining forces with Yvette at Salient in 2023, Adam’s passion for partnering growth companies in the industry is evident in every client engagement. In particular, Adam is a trusted consultant and advisor for companies looking to expand into new regions and takes a dedicated approach to setting them up for success.

When Adam is away from his desk and trying to switch off, you’ll find him in the gym, taking a dip in a cold plunge pool, travelling to new locations or being active outdoors with his dog, Ollie.

Yvette Midwinter


With over 15 years experience in tech recruitment, Yvette has supported over 200 organisations to scale their presence in the APJ region. Additionally, she is a trusted start-up advisor and investor. Her philosophy to running a recruitment agency is pretty simple – ‘be good people and do good work’.

Yvette has a deep passion for diversity and inclusion in the tech space and is founder of the award winning ‘APAC Women in Tech Sales Community’. This thriving community of over 5000 women supports Employers, Women and Allies to build more equitable and gender balanced workforces.

When not running a recruitment agency, Yvette can be found wrangling her toddler twins (unsuccessfully) or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

Mark Ellis

Head of People & Culture

With over 9 years of talent experience, Mark Ellis is a strategic people leader within tech recruitment. Mark has a passion for networking and building long lasting relationships across the industry. Partnering with VCs, Government bodies, Talent/HR teams and senior leaders, Mark takes time to understand client business objectives and find ways to add value beyond traditional recruitment services. Mark loves enabling people to bring their whole selves to work and draws energy from witnessing others’ success.

On a personal level, Mark has a soul that craves sarcasm and is renowned for his ‘Corporate Murmurs’ satire series on linkedin. When he’s not posting utter drivel online, Mark can be found walking his canine confidante Jasper, training at the gym or catching up with friends at the pub.

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