2023 Recruitment Trends

2023 Recruitment Trends

The new year is well and truly upon us. While we’re caught up trying to remember to write the date correctly, recruitment trends are here. We’re here to break down what we’re expecting out of 2023.


Remote Hiring Will Become the Norm

Employers are well and truly on board with remote hiring. It’s mutually beneficial, providing a lower cost per employee and a greater work-life balance for staff, almost surprising it took this long. If an open role doesn’t have a remote or hybrid working model listed, employees can negotiate it into their contracts. It comes down to this, if the role can feasibly be done at home, you should be allowed to do it from home.


Employer Branding

As quality talent becomes harder to source, employers are realising it’s essential to make their company and working environment look and feel inviting. This occurs through employer branding of which companies seek to market the internal environment of their company, focusing on employee experience and corporate culture. This is incredibly advantageous to employees as the quality of the workplace increases while employers shift their focus to attracting and maintaining irreplaceable talent.


Employer Retention Strategies

As discussed above, maintaining a killer workforce is at the top of employer priorities this calendar year. As a result, employers are considering meaningful ways to increase employee loyalty through benefits, culture and acknowledgement. It’s understood that keeping great talent isn’t all about money, with employees being more selective of the workplace culture they’re stepping into as workplace well-being and mental health become a greater focus.


Increase in Contingent/Contract Roles

If 2022 taught us anything, it’s that businesses aren’t always across the human resources they need to maintain a healthy business. With downsizing seizing the tech industry and hiring blitzes starting in January, we’re getting mixed signals. The solution is a focus on Contract Roles, allowing companies to increase their workforce for the period they need to, and decrease when they don’t. This also works to benefit employees as contract roles often come with greater remuneration, it’s win/win for both parties if you’re happy to go with the flow.


Tech/AI Fuelled Recruitment Process

Think automated Resume scanning, AI candidate screening and Tech driven analytics. Recruitment is becoming more streamlined and automated. Although this makes the recruitment process much more efficient, it also creates a less thorough process. Technology is fickle, dismissing candidates who word their experience or format their Resume differently. This means quality talent could be overlooked due to the cut-and-dry approach most AI screening takes. The benefits of automation mean quicker candidate sourcing and job-filling, but it’s important Recruiters approach with caution.


2023 is set to be a big year for Recruitment, with the workforce quickly changing to meet the needs of ever-evolving corporate and employee values. Let us know if there are any key trends we’ve overlooked.

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