What are the benefits of my employees working from home?

What are the benefits of my employees working from home?

What do Amazon, Dropbox, Twitter and Spotify all have in common? They’re now allowing all employees to work remotely indefinitely if their position allows it.

COVID forced offices worldwide to trial remote working practices, with many choosing to continue having employees work from home, but why?

6 benefits of employees working from home:

1. Reduces company costs
With employees providing their own workspaces, the need to fund large office spaces filled with expensive office furniture and stocked with snacks is immediately eliminated. This allows you to reallocate company resources, potentially choosing to increase employee wages, invest in training or host more team-building events!


2. More rested employees

Eliminating commute time and the need to ‘get ready for work gives a huge chunk of time back to employees, allowing them a couple of extra hours of sleep each morning. More rested employees are more efficient, productive and enthusiastic in the workplace, creating better outcomes.


3. Location Independence

Remote working allows employees to choose where they want to live for the lifestyle, not proximity to the office. This allows more freedom over living circumstances, allowing workers to log on from the beach if they choose. Besides, if employees choose to majorly relocate, you’re still able to keep them on your team, minimising disruption to operations.


4. A larger applicant pool

With employees being able to complete a workday from any location, applicants are not restricted by location. You’re able to pool talent from anywhere countrywide or even worldwide if the company allows it, ensuring you’re able to hire the best of the best for your business.


5. Employees will take fewer sick days

Since the pandemic, workers have been encouraged to take sick leave when experiencing minor sickness to avoid spreading it through the workplace. Employees working remotely don’t run into this problem, taking sick leave only when illness genuinely prevents them from being productive.

6. Increases employee loyalty
WFH arrangements usually come with increased freedom and flexibility for workers, creating a more understanding and customisable workplace. employee appreciation for such an ability to shift and change their routine to suit them increases their company loyalty and thus longevity!


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